IoT Open Basic

IoT Open for App developers and integrators at basic level.
  • Digitization
  • Internet of Things

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The course aims to learn more about IoT and IoT Open. The course is aimed at those who are technically interested and want to learn how to use a modern platform to build solutions with IoT or to add IoT to an existing solution.

The course is called Basic but still goes in depth on many parts of the IoT Platform IoT Open. You will learn the basics of how the model for saving data looks like and how to create new integrations against the platform and use the ones that already exist.

After the course, you should be able to integrate IoT Open in your business or in your projects.

The course mixes text with information and practical tasks. You can download all the software you need to complete the course from IoT Open Academy.

After the course, there are several instructor-led courses if you want to go even deeper or get certified in the subject.

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