Digital development and innovation together

Through various investments, we work towards three stated focus areas – digital competence, digital business development & digital innovation. 


  • Together, we secure the digital competence of the future.
  • We want to get more people to train and work with the digital world
  • The level of competence must be internationally attractive and create the conditions for growth and development in companies and organisations.
  • We work to get more companies and people with digital skills to establish themselves and move to our region.


  • Through various initiatives, we increase knowledge and accessibility to digital opportunities.
  • We create the conditions so that more companies take advantage of the possibilities of digitization and do business together.
  • We stimulate growth and development in digitization for companies, organizations and individuals.
  • Through environmental monitoring, we increase knowledge and identify opportunities for digital development and innovation.
  • We want to contribute to bringing the digital world to Värmland.


  • Together, we create an innovation environment and an ecosystem with a national and international edge. We are particularly focusing on digital health services in the venture DigitalWell Arena, as well as innovative digital solutions for the hospitality industry & industry.
  • We create environments to innovate together where the public sector opens up its operations to test new products and services in real environments.
  • We run investments to facilitate and support companies, entrepreneurs & startups in the development of new products and services. All our investments contribute to Agenda 2030 – the global goals for sustainable development

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To meet the challenges of the future, we need to cooperate. We are the obvious gateway between companies, academia, the public and society. We are always open, responsive and curious to explore new collaboration opportunities. We also take into account people's differences. It leads to innovation and creativity. Diversity therefore permeates everything we do.

Innovation today is probably not new tomorrow. That's why we dare to look beyond tomorrow. We must do what no one else has done, challenge ourselves and others, dare to try new things, stand out and do the creative and unexpected. We contribute to new innovations and make others think one step further. If we fail, we still dared.

We are proactive and business-oriented. We make a difference, create growth in the region, measure and demonstrate results. We see the companies' needs, make contact, get them to cooperate and push on. We offer values and services that ensure that every penny is well invested, for the companies and in our ventures. We have a thought and a purpose for everything. This means that we focus on the right things and dare to opt out.

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As a member of Compare, you contribute to developing Värmland into an even more attractive digital region. Together we drive digital development and innovation!

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