We are a cluster, consisting of around 100 companies in the digital sector in Värmland, Sweden. We are a resource for companies and organizations, our main focus being regional growth and helping companies achieve that competitive edge with digital technology. This requires us to think beyond tomorrow, and to pursue digital development and innovation together.



To succeed in developing Värmland into an attractive, digital region with a national and international strength, we focus on three main areas.


  • Together, we will ensure that we have the digital expertise required for the future.
  • We want to encourage people to study and work within the digital field in our region.
  • The level of expertise should be of international interest and create opportunities for growth and development for companies and organizations.
  • Our aim is to attract more companies and people with digital expertise to live and work in Värmland.


  • We share our knowledge through our initiatives and thereby make digital opportunities more accessible.
  • By monitoring the digital progress around the world, we expand our knowledge and quickly identify opportunities for digital development and innovation.
  • We create opportunities for more companies to use digitalisation in their development and when doing business together.
  • We will stimulate growth and development in digitalisation for companies, organizations and individuals.
  • Our ambition is to bring the digital world to Värmland.


  • Together, we will create a cutting edge arena for innovation and a solid ecosystem demonstrating both national and international strength. We will focus particularly on digital health services, health as well as innovative digital solutions for the industry.
  • We aim to create environments which encourage co-creation and innovation, in which the public sector opens up its operations for testing of new products and services in real – life environments.
  • Our initiatives help and support regional companies in the development of new products and services. All our initiatives contribute towards Agenda 2030.

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