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TH1NG is an innovative IoT and internet provider that offers and develops smart connected services to companies, industries, municipalities and property owners, among others. By combining our two business areas, we enable the conditions for innovative solutions and offers.

As more and more things and people are connected and communicate with each other, products and services will also become more and more advanced. This is where we come in. Together we solve the challenges of the future; Together we simplify reality in the connected world.


IoT Open (IoT Platform)

Reach the full potential of IoT with IoT Open, a fast, flexible, and scalable IoT platform. IoT Open can act as the foundation for all IoT solutions, big or small.

IoT Open Academy is our training program where you can learn everything about the platform and what it can do for you.

We are building a community of users of our platform and we want you to join. You can chat with our developers and you can use our platform for your own projects. It's fun, it's free and it's here now!


IoT Open is a future-proof platform for IoT applications, which does not lock its customers to specific devices or protocols. Namely, the platform is technology agnostic, which means it can support different IoT devices and sensors regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol.

Kim Liljegren

Business Development Manager


Drottninggatan 67
11136, Stockholm


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