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Paperphyte are experts in helping companies innovate with digitization. When delivering consulting services, we continuously ensure that the delivery is evaluated based on KPIs set by us together in advance.

In Sweden, we have a mature service market for knowledge-based professions and it is common to be compensated through a fee per delivered hour. However, we also have "retainer" assignments where the customer instead pays for access to an expert in their teams.

Finally, we also have one extensive partner network which we are happy to make available in retainer assignments where we offer focused skills in as a group.

Remote colleague
Paperphyte has in our network several developers and IT resources who previously lived in Sweden and Scandinavia but who have now chosen to build new lives and are in different places in the world. They work freelance and we can thus connect them and you under the concept of "distance colleague".

This means that we help you create high-performing agile remote teams where the members are spread out and make sure that the culture of your company allows it. Having competence remotely does not mean the same thing as having the competence outsourced.

Are you a freelancer and want to work remotely?
Feel free to contact us if you feel that this seems like fun and a network you want to be part of.

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