A decision that was already taken just over 2 years ago

Although it is only now that Rebecca is stepping into the role of CEO, it is a decision that was actually already made just over 2 years ago. In connection with that year's staff meeting. At that time, planning also began to release Rebecca more and more into the business, and at the employee meeting in 2021, the route was determined more precisely. And one of the goals in the employee meeting was access on January 1, 2023, which will now also be the case.

"...then the planning also began to release Rebecca more and more into the business..."

Who is Rebecca Strand who is now taking over as CEO? We have done a small interview with her so that even you who have not yet met Rebecca can get a picture of her.

– – –

Congratulations on the position as CEO of Nya Ekonomikopetens! What made you choose to take on this challenge?

- Thanks! Anyone who knows me can probably sign that I am a competitive person and I am driven by new challenges. Being asked to take over is flattering, while it felt like a natural next step for me in the company, notes Rebecca.

"...if the truth be told, I actually set the goal already as a 25-year-old…”

When did you feel that you were a person who wanted to be a leader and CEO?

- I have always liked helping people around me to get better. I discovered that at an early age as a youth leader in athletics. Then, over the years, I have worked in various leading roles and with business development. So somewhere in the meantime, the idea of a CEO role has emerged. And if the truth be told, I actually set the goal already as a 25-year-old; that before I turned 35 I would be CEO. Now I'm reaching that goal - with a margin of two years, says Rebecca with a smile.

What can the employees at Nya Ekonomikompetens look forward to with you as CEO and leader?

- I have been Consultant Manager now since the beginning of 2022 with us, so the employees are already used to having me as a leader. I attach great importance to communication and I work hard to ensure that my employees feel involved and have the best possible time with us at Nya Ekonomikompetens, says Rebecca.

"...places great importance on communication and I work hard to ensure that our employees feel involved and have the best possible time…”

- In the short term, I therefore do not see that we will have any major changes, but I lead the team with a lot of freedom under responsibility both in Karlstad and in Örebro. In a longer perspective, but starting already in 2023, we will broaden the offer to our employees. I want to work for long-term relationships and make this journey together with the colleagues in New Economic Competence. It is important, says Rebecca.

"...that we both sharpen and continue to deliver quality- and results-focused in close cooperation with our customers…”

In what way will the company's customers notice your leadership?

- Since I started at New Economic Competence at the beginning of 2019, I have worked in close collaboration with customers. This means that I have good insight into both our customers' needs and how our service offering responds to this. In a CEO role, I can see that I get direct use of this and can thereby further develop our service offering on a broader front.

- However, this does not mean that we will change our work methodology in the short term, but rather the opposite. I want to work for us to become even sharper in this particular area so that we both improve and continue to deliver quality and results-focused in close cooperation with our customers, Rebecca clarifies with a look that underlines that she really means what she says.

"...always been the personal development…”

What is the best thing about New Economic Skills?

- For me, the best thing about New Economic Skills has always been the personal development opportunity! I enjoy it best when I get to meet entrepreneurs and assist them with expertise in the development of their businesses, which we at Nya Ekonomikompetens have the privilege of doing. The fact that I also always have fun together with the team at work makes everyday life even better. I'm really looking forward to the journey ahead!

8 quick answers from Rebecca

  • The company must be focused on: Team or Solo
  • If I bet, I bet on: Elite or Exerciser
  • I base decisions on: Facts or Feelings
  • I recruit based on: Quota or Competence
  • Leads I do with: Whip or Carrot
  • A Kick-Off should feel: Challenging or Controlled
  • Vacation is best in: Summer or Winter
  • Music should be played: Loud or Weak
[Source: New Economic Skills]

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