Level Up has given 300 participants tools to increase both their own and their employees' digital skills. The training has taken place during the autumn of 2023, with training modules that touch on, among other things, legislation and leadership in meeting and driving digital transformation. Together, the participants have spent approximately 19,000 hours developing themselves and their businesses, and at the final seminar they gathered in a digital meeting to review the data and knowledge gathered during the fall.

Jenny Thalin and Neshe Tuna from Compare 

Action plans for the future

The focus during the seminar was on how the participants are now taking further development in their workplaces. Around 90 digital action plans and 140 individual target images have been developed to support the participants in their future work. Digital technology, innovation, change management and learning were some of the recurring points in the action plans. The participants have also together collected over 200 intelligence on which technology they believe will have the greatest impact on care, health and care now and in the future.

New tools and changes in operations

During the training, the Level Up participants also got to practice thinking outside the box and come up with more than 90 different concepts for future care solutions - personal sensors and drone delivery of food came up as ideas, among other things. These in particular may not be introduced, but several of the participants already have changes underway in their operations.

"We have a rather large change underway that will be introduced in the first quarter of 2023. To make it easier for care seekers, we will test a chatbot as a supplement to telephone advice. It can, among other things, give advice on self-care and assess whether you need to make an appointment at a health centre," says Susanne Brunby, operations manager at Region Kalmar.

E-book with collected insights

When the participants have now completed the training, an e-book with compiled reflections and results from the participants will be launched, with the aim of documenting and further spreading the knowledge. On February 23, a closing conference is also held for the participants where they receive their training certificates. During the spring of 2023, DigJourney offers facilitated workshops with the participants and their management teams within the framework of Level Up, where the knowledge is passed on to facilitate change in the entire chain.

"We look forward to seeing what the participants will achieve in the future and the changes they can help introduce in their organizations," says Neshe Tuna, process manager at Compare.

The next step for Level Up

The hope is to be able to continue developing the educational concept and manage the knowledge that has been collected.

The short version Level Up Highlights, selected parts of the training that are open to a wider group, also runs until the end of January. You can still register for it, read more here.


Level Up is an educational initiative run by Compare within the framework of the project "Your digital mobility" and in collaboration with HIOS (Health Innovation of Sweden). The project is financed by the European Social Fund - ESF. Through the funding from the ESF, organizations can participate in Level Up completely free of charge.



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