From left Sara Novak, NWT, Charlotte Wäreborn Schultz, Effect Management and Sandra Eriksson, Karlstad municipality


Welcome Sara Novak, NWT, and Charlotte Wäreborn Schultz, Effect Management, - new board members in Compare and Sandra Eriksson, new adjunct member from Karlstad municipality.

The board consists of a chairman and six members from the member companies in Compare, as well as three adjunct members from Region Värmland, Karlstad Municipality and Karlstad University.

The following people were elected to the board for the coming financial year:

Fredrik Svensson, Redpill Linpro, Chairman
Malin Fransén-Kronberg, Telia Company, Member / vice chairman
Sara Novak, NWT, Member (new)
Tord Larsson-Steen, Learningwell, Member
Charlotte Wäreborn Schultz, Effect Management, Member (new)
Anna Forsberg, Sticky Beat, Member
Anette Stjärnkvist Lönnberg, Smartsmiling, Member
Sandra Eriksson, Karlstad municipality, Adjunct member (new)
Anna Brunström, Karlstad University, Adjunct member
Eleonore Åkerlund, Region Värmland, Adjunct member

Compare board 

Sommargatan 101A
65637, Karlstad

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Sommargatan 101A
656 37 Karlstad

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