How can you work smarter with your IT administration, increase security and free up time? Macforum talked about this in front of about 15 participants during a breakfast seminar at Karlstad Innovation Park. 

JAMF Software Casper Suite is the market's most powerful tool for controlling multiple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac) that are connected to an organization.

- We see that many companies have started to introduce that the employees themselves can choose the platform and we see that the 75% chooses Apple. Our mission is that everyone should be able to use the devices in a simple and user-friendly way and therefore we have developed the Casper Suite which makes it easy to manage and control several devices within an organization, says Peo Strindlund, JAMF Software.

A big advantage is that Casper Suite simplifies IT administration.

- Many people want to see a system for everything, but there is none, instead we have chosen to put the user at the center. The user should be able to receive the device and start immediately without an IT department as an intermediary, says Peo Strindlund.

The programs and apps that the employee will have access to are already pre-programmed or they can be easily downloaded through the "Self-service" library where you can download programs, licenses and the latest versions.

- Not everyone should need all programs. The device is so smart that it takes into account who you are and what your profession is and adapts suggestions for apps accordingly. We also have a starter kit that we recommend for new hires and you can also adapt and add your own web pages such as today's menu, bus timetables, says Viktor Glemme, JAMF Software.

Another advantage of the product is safety. 

- As an administrator, you keep an overview of all devices by seeing how much memory is used and for what, you can manage users with a variety of settings and can send push notifications about special updates. If someone quits, you can access the computer, but not the private apps and vice versa for the quitter. Another advantage is that you can track lost devices, says Viktor Glemme.

Margareta Adolfsson Bylund is IT coordinator at Karlstad pastorate and was one of the participants. 

- We have to get our units in order and gain control over what is on them. We will probably replace our laptops with iPads to make it easier for the staff as they are easier to carry around. By working smarter, we want to automate several parts of our processes. It was interesting to see what possibilities Casper Suite can provide, it feels like an easy way to control the content on the devices, she says.

Read more about Casper Suite here>>

Text and photo: Hanna Grevillius

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