During the autumn, three SNITS lunches are arranged, where three companies get the chance to give a closer picture of their operations and meet IT students at Karlstad University. First up were Maja Wahlquist and Oskar Persson from Ed Elvenite, both of whom are relatively new to professional life.

Of course, the students were offered a tour of Elvenite's core business, customers and interesting projects they are currently working on – for example, helping customers find areas of use for all the data that is collected. But at least as much attention was given to questions about what it's like to get out into working life.

Professional life new learning process

An opinion that both Maja Wahlquist and Oskar Persson Ed share is that the learning process continues immediately after the studies.

- For me, it was the hardest realization: I don't know anything and I've studied for three years, but that it's ok and that you have to keep learning, says Oskar Persson Ed, who studied economics.

- I was lucky and got to come in and work for a customer early. I got to shadow a senior consultant, who became a mentor, and was almost like a trainee in the beginning. He had 25 years of experience and was very knowledgeable.

Maja Wahlquist, who studied industrial economics, found it difficult to know which niche she should choose after her studies.

- There are many roles you can take on, as it is a broad education. I got to try a lot of that via Elvenite's trainee program. It was super valuable!

Oskar Persson Ed and Maja Wahlquist met students over a digital lunch.

They shared the experience they had now acquired, and told about what is actually expected of a consultant.

- A key word we try to use at Elvenite is "businessmanship". The main purpose is to create value for the customer you work for. It is also easy to find new problems, which may not have been included in the assignment, but it is important that the delivery is in synergy with what you are going to deliver, said Oskar Persson Ed.

- But at the same time it is important to be sensitive to other problems. It could also be a future project, added Maja Wahlquist.

Gives a good picture of the companies

One of the students who signed in at the lunch was Marina Tallberg, who is in year three of the IT design course, focusing on system design.

- It was very interesting to hear about both of their working days, what it's like to work as a consultant and their path to working at Elvenite in particular. It's extra fun that they themselves recently studied and can tell you about the same feeling you have yourself, about the fear of being able to perform in professional life with the knowledge you get from university now, she says.

She thinks the contacts with SNITS are a good way to get to know the participating companies:

- The biggest benefit is clearly that you can slowly start to distinguish which companies might be interesting to apply for a job with. Then get in touch, give them a picture of who I am and hopefully build a relationship in time for them to hire and I need a job.

  • The next SNITS lunch is November 10, when CGI is hosting.
    You can find more information here, or in the SNITS facebook group.

Briefly about SNITS

SNITS, Business and IT students' collaboration, is organized by Compare, Karlstad University, the student association LINDA and contributes to creating contact areas between the students and the twelve participating companies. The participating companies are: Altran, Askås, Atea, Afry, CGI, Elvenite, Prevas, Redpill Linpro, Sogeti, Soleil, Stamford and Tieto Every.

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