69 percent of Sweden's surface is forest. A giant resource that only grows waiting to be mined and return to its owner. Staffan Svantesson has an idea that makes it possible for many forest owners to make money from beautiful nature, before the forest is ready to be harvested.

Through his company Happie Camp, he offers nature experiences where visitors can book accommodation in luxurious tents in secluded and scenic locations. Work is now underway to create a franchise model, where forest owners can also connect to the digital platform.

Can pave the way for more Värmland franchises

The business model can create a multitude of new visitor destinations, while forest owners can increase their yield per hectare tenfold while waiting for felling.

- The idea means that a small business in its own company can be scaled up to connect more actors, who can sell a product or service. This is a business model that I think more actors could take a closer look at in order to spread good Värmland franchises to a national market, says Anders Solberg, Innovation Manager at Compare.

Get support to realize the idea through design sprints

To realize their idea, Happie Camp has received support to do a design sprint in collaboration with the web agency Advant. The design sprint has been financed via a cross-sector investment carried out by Visit Värmland and Compare. The aim is to strengthen the attractiveness and competitiveness of Värmland's hospitality industry, with a focus on digitization and a green transition.

  • Watch the film to learn more about how Happie Camp and Advant collaborated and how a design sprint works. 


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