AB Nya Ekonomikompetens Karlstad

After Work KBC, Naviero Vinbar & Färjestad – Skellefteå

16:00 -

Business people & Hockey lovers. Welcome!

Join us for a real hockey night for only SEK 595 (+VAT)!

Together with other business-interested and Färjestad-loving people, you have the opportunity to have a real evening during Karlstad Business Week!

For only SEK 595 (+ VAT) you first hang out at the Karlstad Business Center, have a beer and munch on some snacks. Then we go downstairs to the new, fantastic Naviero Vinbar. There we are offered some food and a couple of glasses of wine/beer. Then a bus is waiting to take us out to Löfbergs Arena to cheer on Färjestad against Skellefteå in the (stand).

And you! Don't miss the conversation with, none other than, Johan Pennerborn, Färjestad's HeadCoach, on KBC right before this AW!

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Sommargatan 101A
656 37 Karlstad

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