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How do you create attractive, forward-looking businesses? - an interactive, digital lecture

At 13.30-16.00, Digital

A digital lecture on norms, treatment and culture.

In collaboration with the project Attraktionskraft Värmland, we invite you to a digital, interactive lecture about how we can become a more attractive employer. We will work with norm awareness in practice for inclusive treatment.

In order to keep up with developments and succeed in recruiting and retaining the right staff, we need to keep track of norms and attitudes. Workplaces with a decent culture create attractive, forward-looking businesses where everyone feels welcome.
The lecture is led by Equal who are educators and want to elicit people's own will to improve. The goal is for the change to come from within and not just be done because someone else demands it.

If we want to retain and recruit competent personnel to the workplace, we need to check the norms and attitudes that make this difficult. With an inclusive perspective, we become more professional in our treatment and create businesses where everyone feels welcome. The goal is to elicit people's willingness to change because they themselves feel that they are developing, not because someone else demands it. This requires a large portion of humor and humility. This will be raised during the lecture:

  • How do norms work and what do we gain from norm awareness?
  • How can we create an equal and inclusive environment where everyone thrives?
  • How can we work with accessibility and standards around functionality?
  • How do we create the right conditions to be able to recruit personnel with different experiences?


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Attractiveness Värmland

The project is run by Region Värmland and the main aim is to contribute to a strengthened labor market in Värmland. Here, the region, municipalities and business collaborate to give companies and organizations tools to be able to recruit more equally and improve their skills supply.

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Project Manager

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