International Summer School on Latency Control for Internet of Services

Datavetenskap på Karlstads universitet arrangerar sommarforskarskola inom Latency Control for Internet of Services och bjuder in anställda på Compare-företagen att anmäla sitt deltagande:

We are hosting the International Summer School on Latency Control for Internet of Services, organized by COST Action Across and supported by the Knowledge Foundation of Sweden through READY and HITS. The focus of the summerschool is to train Ph.D. students and early-career researchers in both theory as well as practical aspects focusing on Latency Control for Internet of Services.

The International Summer School will take place from 26th June to 30th June 2017, in Karlstad, Sweden and includes topics such as:

 - Software defined (wireless) networks and 5G
- Network function virtualization, micro services architecture,deployment approaches
- Network programming languages such as P4
- Network optimisation
- Big data stream processing
- IoT Cloud Performance
- Content delivery networks and latency management and control aspects
- Latency Control at Network and Transport Layer
- Latency Control for Intra Datacenter/Mobile Edge Computing
- Latency Control for 5G/NFV/SDN

The summer school is designed for Ph.D. students studying communications and cloud computing and related areas. It consists of lectures by international experts and includes poster presentations by participating Ph.D. students. Students will be awarded a certificate (3 ECTS) upon submission of an extended abstract, poster presentation and participation in the program.

The program covers fundamental, advanced and hot topics in communications and cloud computing. Besides frontal lectures and tutorials, the summer school schedule further comprises hands-on sessions and exercises in Lab Rooms. Financial support will be provid ed for a limited number of students based on a competitive application.  Students from all of the world are accepted and welcome to participate.

More information:


Student Grant Application Deadline: April 21st 2017.

Notification of Grants: Mai 4th 2017.

Total places are limited due to lab room availability.

Welcome to Sweden!

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