Introduction to Compare and Karlstad

Karlstad and Värmland has a prominent position regarding ICT, when it comes to number of companies and number of employees. Many of the major ICT companies in Sweden can be found here, as well as lots of smaller, specialized consultancies. Karlstad University offers education and research in the ICT field at a high international level and in cooperation with trade and industry.

Compare Karlstad is a joint organization for ICT companies in the region. Compare was formed by seven major companies in Karlstad and have now 100 companies at disposal. The digitalization creates new business models and enterprises for todays companies. This cooperation has been extended and further developed to form innovative interaction with players from trade and industry, research and society.

Our vision is to become the best to collaborate growth. We create arenas where companies and organisations come together for digital inovation and development in focus.

The purpose of Compare is to create growth in the ICT field i.e more business and more companies in Karlstad. The scope of work is within three areas;

● Innovation
● Business development
● Competence

Compare manages a number of publicly co-funded projects that are in line with the Foundation's mission to create growth for the member companies through business and competence development.

History of Compare Karlstad

In the year 2000 Compare Karlstad Foundation was formed as a result of an initiative undertaken by seven ICT companies in the Karlstad region. Their common goal from the start was to find areas where they could cooperate and benefit from one another in order to underpin the region as an attractive place for companies for business and finding good competence. The name Compare stands for Competence Area Karlstad as well as "Compare us".

About Värmland and Karlstad

The county of Värmland is home to more than 273.000 people over an area of 17.586 square kilometres. There are 16 municipalities. In terms of population the county town of Karlstad is the biggest, with around 85.000 inhabitants.

● Värmland borders Norway. From Karlstad the distance to Oslo is 210 km and to Stockholm 300 km. There are 10.512 lakes in Värmland, including Vänern, the largest lake in Western Europe.

● Karlstad is the major city in Värmland. Shopping, cultural events and nightlife has a lot to offer. Even though there are over 130.000 people living in and around Karlstad, almost everything is close by.